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If you are planning a remodeling project, updating your electrical system should be factored in. The electrical system that was adequate twenty years ago just cannot handle the electronic equipment and appliances we use today. Even if you are not adding or remodeling an entire room, updating the lighting in your kitchen or family room can improve both the function and appearance of the space.

We tend to ignore our electrical system. We plug in an appliance, add a light fixture or flip a switch and expect power. We take our electric system for granted until it fails.

Like everything else in the house, ongoing maintenance is required. Some older homes are still running on screw fuses and have limited space for adding additional circuits. Upgrading your electrical service to a circuit breaker panel will provide more available space, plus the added amperage for future loads.

If you find yourself continually searching for another outlet, using extension cords to reach outlets, or buying adapters in order to use your equipment, it is time to have your electrical situation checked out.

If you’re frustrated by inadequate lighting, have problems with flickering lights, or find your light bulbs have a short life span, your system might be in need of upgrading.

While the safety considerations of updating your electrical system is of primary importance, an additional benefit is the likely increase you will experience in energy efficiency.

You want your electrical system to handle both your needs today and ten years from now. Our society is becoming more automated and electricity is our main power source.

You do not need to know and understand all the ins and outs of the electrical system in your home or place of business. You just need to contact a qualified electrician to check out and perform any maintenance or upgrades required.

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